Thursday Things

Thursdays have always been one of my favorite days. I love the anticipation of the weekend. The weekend itself is wonderful but always plagued by an awareness of how fleeting it is. Thursday is without dread of upcoming responsibilities. 

So here on Thursdays I will wrap up the week and share what I'm loving or inspired by. 

  • I love following Allie Mood on Instagram. She is the queen of children's vintage styling, and I was thrilled to see her home tour on Glitter Guide this week.
  • Rockabye Baby released lullaby tunes of Hamilton. The renditions are fantastic and make me nostalgic for Theo's early months when I listened to David Bowie and CCR lullabies all day and night.
  • Grace Bonney's piece on open-floor plans made me consider what I love about separate rooms, while having an appreciation for what an open concept can provide. Ultimately, I love a layout that allows for private, separate rooms, but with an open flow from room to room.
  • I've been really thoughtful about what and how Theo eats, in hopes of raising a good eater, but making three real meals every day for us is wearing on me (as someone who doesn't absolutely love cooking). Planning to make something like these egg muffins soon, so I can make breakfasts for the week all at once.
  • I've been looking around for some pants for Theo to wear on Easter (something a little nicer than his shark sweats or hot dog leggings) and while this isn't what I had in mind, I'm loving these adorable baby/toddler linen crepe trousers.
  • I just listened to the podcast How I Built This for the first time, and I started with an excellent episode about Kate and Andy Spade. I ended up down the Google images rabbit hole trying to find a photo of an original Kate Spade bag, which landed me at the place where I'm actually taking this: a 2010 Selby post on their New York City apartment which has the Kate Spade aesthetic written all over it (like how their kitchen window seat looks like the inside of my wallet).

Happy Thursday!