Kids' Space: Chic or Whimsical?

Kids' Space: Chic or Whimsical?

I’ve seen a growing trend lately of children’s spaces that are very chic and flow harmoniously with the decor throughout the rest of the home. It’s often a neutral color on the wall, light or dark like white or deep charcoal. Vintage-inspired rugs, statement lighting, elegant art. I like the idea, since for a certain number of years the kids are up for anything, and parents are the ones enjoying it as well. But I’ve also seen the claim that these pieces “grow with the kids” which I’ll raise an eyebrow to, because you know the ones who put this much thought into the space are going to want to redecorate within a few years anyway. But it’s a nice sentiment.

I like some sophistication in a kid space but ultimately I want to take the opportunity to decorate with whimsy and use colors I would never use otherwise. I have to admit that occasionally I’ll see a serene children’s room and feel a wee bit jealous or like I did it wrong with our room. But when I’m in my kids’ room or see another space that uses similar colors, I feel joy.

When we were expecting our first son, people loved asking me what the room’s theme would be. It seemed like people really wanted a one- or two-word answer, like “bears” or “safari animals” or “trucks.” Do people really do themes anymore? It seems like modern nurseries have more of a vibe and color scheme. Regardless, I wasn’t really sure what to say. We wanted the space to feel considered but there was no theme. We painted the room a soft, light grey that matched the color in our own bedroom. We let toys and art bring in color. Now, it’s full of primary colored accessories that pop against the grey, white, and wood room, and I love it.

Here are some whimsical, colorful children’s rooms that have inspired me to keep our boys’ room playful:

My love for Meta Coleman’s interiors is back again with this styling. The gorgeous patterned dresses lined up neatly. The books ordered by size, rather than by color. A smorgasbord of vintage and classic toys, topped off with the farm and safari animals along the top shelf.

Pencil & Paper is another home design favorite. I don’t typically lean toward a southern or preppy look in home design, but something about the way they weave pops of color and whimsy into their traditional looks is so, so good. This amazing tall boy dresser with the goofy toys on top.

Jenny Komenda of    Juniper Home

Jenny Komenda of Juniper Home

This kid’s room from Jenny Komenda of Juniper Home is eye catching for a variety of reasons. The focal point here is the ferris wheel art from her Juniper Print Shop. I’m a huge fan of the print shop and how easy Jenny has made it to put up beautiful, large scale art in our homes. But beyond that, what I really love is the color combo. I love the color of the rug with the pop of yellow in the chair and red in the ottoman. And wallpaper on the ceiling is always a plus.

Lisa Wong Jackson of    Good on Paper    via    Design*Sponge

Lisa Wong Jackson of Good on Paper via Design*Sponge

Speaking of wallpaper, my last two favorites keep the whimsy with patterned walls. This bedroom belongs to a boy named Theo, so it’s already got a leg up for me. Something about this room looks effortless yet so well designed. It’s laid-back, yet casual; neutral, yet playful.

Most of my inspiration here has been bigger kids’ rooms, but here’s an amazing, beautiful baby’s room. I’m obsessed with this wallpaper and the way it seamlessly works with the art above the crib. The wood crib, plush floor, and heart throw bring so much warmth. This one is definitely worth a click-through to see the gorgeous color and pattern throughout the room, and especially the cozy reading nook.

Header photo of our boys’ room by Rachel Loewen

M. Press Design featured on Emily Henderson's blog!

M. Press Design featured on Emily Henderson's blog!