Photos of my son and my home by  Vanessa Stoller Photogaphy

Photos of my son and my home by Vanessa Stoller Photogaphy

Story Pitches

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Work-at-Home Mom 101
When I left full-time work to stay at home with my son and freelance, I literally Googled “how to be a work at home mom” and “how to be a stay at home mom.” I felt clueless about how to structure my day to support my child while feeling productive and fulfilled myself. I found no resources online outside of rigid schedules, which, to me, were unrealistic, especially for a baby whose “schedule” changed every few weeks. I’ve learned so much since then, gaining experience and perspective. This piece would provide a supportive starting point for moms in the same position, helping them navigate their goals and determine their needs in the sense of workspace, childcare, connection with their child(ren), and boundaries.

Creating a Plan for the Event You Can’t Plan
The term “birth plan” is a mis-coined phrase. We plan weddings. We plan vacations. Can we plan a birth? Of course, going into an event that is so physically and emotionally grueling requires research and consideration of expectations. But I feel that with all the that is out of a mother’s control, intentions is a much healthier term. This article would guide moms-to-be in how to set birth intentions and prepare themselves for unexpected changes and challenges. This could open the door for contributions of womens’ birth stories, showing the diversity and complexity of birth experiences.

Simplifying Life to Focus on Your Kids and Yourself
Loss of identity is a very real feeling after the birth or adoption of a first child. The transition to being a full-time caretaker for another person can be a shock and an adjustment. This piece would avoid the myth that you can find the perfect balance or be the exact same person you were before, which can be discouraging and damaging. Instead, it would focus on small day-to-day adjustments that make life easier so moms can focus on their children and themselves. 

The Secret to Successfully Traveling with Kids: Vacation Location
Search Pinterest or any mom blog to find countless guides for traveling with children that focus on what to pack, what gear is essential, and how to entertain a child on a flight. But I believe the best advice begins before you even plan the trip: what destination is adult- and kid-friendly? This piece would focus on how to choose a destination and type of lodging, regardless of region of travel, budget, or mode of transportation (hint: outdoorsy trips and Airbnb are your best friends.).