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5 Hacks for Surviving Baby-Led Weaning
As a strong advocate for baby-led weaning, I have read all the books about how to start and what to serve. But what about the mess? Having successfully gone through BLW with two kids and loved it, I’m the right person to write about how to survive it without hiring a nightly clean-up crew. I’ve got the details on what gear and set-up is needed to stay sane and appreciate all that your baby is learning, even when he or she is flinging a spoon full of yogurt across the room.

How a Messy Mom Got It Together for the Sake of Parenting
This personal article would consider the importance of an orderly home environment for young children. My whole life I’ve struggled to stay tidy. As my first son became a toddler, my experience with him at home as well as my Montessori research made me realize that he was in a sensitive period for order. He needed a place for everything and everything in its place. It was this need of his that finally gave me the motivation and understanding to organize my home. This article would use my experience to talk about how to create a sense of order for a child’s belongings in a way that helps him or her feel safe and secure, as well as provides peace and organization for parents.

A Single Meal Plan for Baby, Toddler, and Parents: Here’s How to Do It
Ever since our first son started sitting in a high chair, I’ve felt strongly that we all eat dinner together as a family in order to demonstrate regularly that dinner is a special and social time. I’ve also felt strongly that I don’t prepare separate meals for adults and kids. I’ve altered the types of meals I cook as well as deconstructed meals to make them appropriate for our toddler and baby. I’ll break down the basics and provide some recipe ideas.

How My Partner Prepared for the Birth of Our Son
After my first son was born, my husband provided me with a play-by-play of labor, documented to the minute in a note on his iPhone with details like “minus 1 station and 90% effaced.” I am forever grateful that he thought to do this (because I had no concept of time during labor), but I’m also grateful that he had the knowledge and vocabulary to do so. Thanks to books like The Expectant Father and The Birth Partner, in addition to attending birth class, my husband was the next best thing to a doula. Further, while I read about pregnancy, my husband was reading about how to actually take care of a newborn. This article would begin with my personal anecdote but then lead in to various ways a partner can be involved. There is also potential to gather reader input from The Everymom Tribe on Facebook to share more ways partners were involved in birth prep and labor and make this part of the Real Mom Shares series.

Everything I Didn’t Expect to Feel After Having My Second Son
This piece would be a personal essay about how I navigated the emotions of having my second child, as well as how much my feelings shifted after he was born. When I became pregnant the second time, I felt less excitement, which made me feel guilty that I wasn’t bonding with my second child. After he was born, I ended up bonding much more quickly with him than I did with our first son. With vastly different experiences with my first and second sons (a NICU stay and difficulty breastfeeding the first time; a quick labor and easy breastfeeding the second), I was blown away by how the experiences informed each other and how I love each boy enormously and differently. This would be a helpful perspective to share with other moms who are pregnant with or considering a second child.


Photo of myself and my son by  Rachel Loewen

Photo of myself and my son by Rachel Loewen