Story Pitches for The Everymom

How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids
This article would gather tips from photographers who take family photos to help guide moms using both phones and DSLR cameras to learn tips on great composition, how to use natural light, and how to capture your child in the moment.

The Everymom Reads
The beginning of a quarterly book club. An opportunity for moms to read something smart and engaging for themselves (no parenting books allowed!). Discussions can open up via comment section of the quarterly article, with the potential of making it a podcast in the future. Potential first book: The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai.

What We Should Be Talking About: The Disparity in Maternal Care for White Women and Women of Color
During 2011–2014 in the United States, there were 12.4 deaths per 100,000 live births for white women, while there were 40.0 deaths per 100,000 live births for black women (source). The more we talk about this disparity, the better we can improve maternal care for all women.

How to Parent with Less Waste
Living a zero waste lifestyle with kids is likely impossible, but this nonjudgmental article would provide a variety of small, practical changes that parents can make to have a positive impact on the world they’re leaving for future generations. There’s also an opportunity to partner with products that can replace disposable items, like cloth diaper companies or reusable travel containers.

What to Expect Transitioning from One Kid to Two
This article would talk about the emotional transition going from one kid to two as well as how to go from surviving to thriving.

How to Cultivate Independence in Your Toddler (You Can Start Earlier Than You Think)
This article would provide when and how to begin allowing more choices and independence in babies and toddlers to cultivate their independence.


Photo of myself and my son by  Rachel Loewen

Photo of myself and my son by Rachel Loewen